Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What's Wrong with a Football Stadium?

I am highly irritated... soon Oman might play in the finals and tickets for the gulf championship are all being booked. I've never been to one of these things before and I don't think such a thing would be in Oman until the next god knows how many years. This is again a feministic issue... why is going there as a woman considered bad??... is it considered bad at all or is this just the set of mind I unfortunately have to deal with? (I am talking about the Omani traditional concept)
My bro was freely offered a great seat and I was not even asked. And when I asked to go, I was rejected with. 'You don't know what sort of girls go there!'
'That's no place for a girl!'

Please tell me what the hell????... who can explain this to me?... is the stadium a whore house? It's just a bloody SPORTS place. And if some girls around there are low.... does that mean I'm the same if I go???
You have full areas filled with bad and good girls. So if I happen to be in the same area as the so called bad ones... does that mean I'm one of them?
How am I supposed to get this???
I seriously don't belong in this world.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Righteous Judgment

So I had my charger taken from me the other night by no other than my older male sibling. He's a pleasant man *rolleyes*. It's just a charger right?.. One would say, they sell them in shops , you can always get another one. But say that to someone who barely is able to go shopping in the first place for reasons that she lives far away from decent shopping malls and for the fact that her phone was empty and that was HER charger... it won't be 'just a charger' after all would it.

However, let's be honest and say it was borrowed without permission. So why don't I just go back to my room and wait till the next morning? Then ask yourselves how many times these childish acts have been played on me. And picture the frustration building up. Perhaps then even if I didn't need the charger at that time (and unfortunately I did). Perhaps eventually a person would get fed up. Yet the charger was taken and his door was locked. I asked for it back, he fooled me with a false direction of where he left it, and didn't open the door since. I can't break it down...I can't make a loud noise since my parents are sleeping...and he knew it. Think of the fact that I made noise nevertheless...not caring... will give you an idea of how angry I was. So much that I went around the house to get in from the outside door to his room. And again he knew it... but did not open. So the sounds I caused made my stepmum wake up. She asked what was wrong.. I told her I wanted my charger... all she said was I was making a fuss and I don't need to make a big deal out of it at 3 am.

So frankly I'm the devil, while my dear sibling's the good innocent boy, sleeping soundly in his room. Right... I went to my room in the end with the air of defeat. If I make more noise I'd be told off... and a charger's not worth it..is it? So I wake up next morning and take that charger back.
Then my dear old bro tells my father how angry I was he took my charger last night with a joking expression. But don't put your hopes up... he was not told off for taking my things. I was told off for the suspicion that I wanted to talk on the phone at 3 am (which was in truth not the case). Therefore again... perhaps my brother's the hero for taking my charger and stopping me from this terrible deed.

I think you get this... it's not about the charger anymore. In fact it never was about the bloody charger!!... it's about what this all represents. Why is it that when a brother takes my things I am told off for it? Why is it that I am 100% sure that if I did the same to him he would not have been told off. Because he's not a girl who'll be given hell for talking at night. Nor the one who'd be judged for acting childish. Nor the one who'll be accused of being spoiled or a burden since he's pretty much on his own feet.

Speak of the worthless fool writing this right now. So I'm not on my own feet yet. It's taking unusually long to get there...though how can a person easily reach a stage of independence easily with most things forbidden to her?

That's a taste of Arabian traditions. And not just with me mind you. And perhaps some families would have a better sense of judgment than this. But you would think that educated ones like this (apparently) are supposed to know better.

I've gone out of my way a few times thinking I was the only one going through injustice. But somehow I know some others have it worse.

This blog may not remain to be read. But informative enough while it lasts. I have a point to make in the end of it.